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Who are we?

Nixtla is to numbers what Anthropic or Open AI are to language and images. We are the creators of TimeGPT. With our pre-trained model, an enterprise can upload its data and predict. Saving millions of dollars and months of development and maintenance. TimeGPT was trained on the largest collection of time series data in history – over 100 billion rows of financial, weather, energy, and web data – to democratize the power of time-series analysis. Before TimeGPT, Nixtla created the most comprehensive time series ecosystem, with over 5 million downloads. Nixtla’s software is currently used in production by some of the biggest companies in the world, like Amazon, Walmart, and Lyft.

We are a group of hackers motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire to make a meaningful impact. Our shared passion is understanding the world and everything that surrounds us. Our diverse backgrounds include researchers, developers, engineers, managers, actors, philosophers, and mathematicians. Now, we've united as founders with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the time series field. In some ways, we're still in our old apartments, discovering Linux for the first time, writing small programs in Bash, or surfing the early internet.

We firmly believe that the future belongs to everyone. Our roots extend to Latin America. We are individuals who champion diversity. We're queer; we're different, and we're proud.

Together, we're not just shaping Nixtla but the future of data science.

Open Source

Origin Story

It started as a side project. We built some tools for an old company we used to work for. Then, everybody took his own path, some went to academics and got Ph. D.s, some founded companies, and some kept coding and shipping products. We never thought it would grow so much. We decided to reunite and make this our life. We founded Nixtla. We thought it would be just another open-source library, but it soon became the most comprehensive time-series ecosystem in the world. We decided to dream big and started challenging the status quo. We dared the big players in the industry, like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. We showed that a group of nerds armed with the power of open-source contributions could compete against the biggest companies in the world. Soon after, we experienced exponential growth in usage and adoption. Our community grew. And we grew with them. Nixtla is now the world's most impactful time series ecosystem, and some of the brightest minds in the industry and academia are using us.

But we couldn't stay put. We wanted a bigger challenge. So we took the biggest question we could find in our field and worked hard on it. Now we are the proud pioneers in Foundation models for time series. This innovation will allow us to share the future with everybody.

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